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Does home contents insurance cover damage to a laptop?

When taking out contents insurance, you may wonder which mobile devices are covered. For example, do you know whether your laptop is included in your household contents insurance? You can read it here.

Is my laptop insured with household contents insurance?

With contents insurance, you are insured for damage to your possessions. Household effects mean all the things you have in your house that are easy to move around. Your laptop can be taken anywhere and is therefore part of your household contents. But is your laptop properly insured with household contents insurance? Insurers apply a number of conditions. In principle, when your laptop is damaged due to unforeseen and unexpected circumstances, the damage is almost always covered. Read here about what else is covered under your household contents insurance.

What does laptop contents insurance cover?

The moment you have unforeseen or unexpected damage, it is covered. Think for example of: fire, theft, lightning strike, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The differences in coverage between insurers can be large. Do you want to know exactly in which cases your laptop is insured with a contents insurance? Then read the policy conditions carefully. There you will find exactly in which situations and under which circumstances the damage will be compensated.

Household contents insurance for laptops

What is not covered by the laptop contents insurance?

In the above cases, your laptop is insured with household contents insurance. Of course, you would also like to know in which cases damage to your laptop is not covered. Insurers are very clear about this. The moment you show reckless behaviour or when it appears that you have been careless with your laptop, there is no coverage. For example, the moment you walk down the stairs with a child and your laptop, you can see that this is not wise and that the risk of falling is considerably high. In this case, the insurer will not compensate the damage to your laptop.

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Laptop outdoors

Regular home contents insurance offers limited coverage outside the home. You can also properly insure your mobile electronics, such as your laptop or smartphone, outside the home. For this you can alpina.nl expand the contents insurance with the so-called outdoor coverage. In case of theft outside the home, you will be paid the damage amount. This insurance also applies to other parts of your household contents, not just your laptop.

Expanding household insurance

As mentioned above, home contents insurance only provides cover in the event of unforeseen events, such as fire and extreme weather conditions. Do you have an expensive laptop or several laptops in your home? Then it may be wise to include extra coverage when taking out household contents insurance.

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