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Are you insured against theft with contents insurance?

Unfortunately, you may be confronted with theft. Of course you want to be as well insured as possible against theft. Unfortunately, there is no insurance that covers all forms of theft. To protect your household contents, you can take out household contents insurance. Your car, for example, needs a completely different insurance, namely an all-risk car insurance.

Theft of your household effects

If you take out household contents insurance, you are also insured against theft. You take out insurance against damage to your household effects within the home (including burglary). Damage to special and valuable items is often partially covered. Think of damage to items such as jewellery, computer equipment and art objects. So always read the policy conditions carefully when you take out household contents insurance. If you have many valuable items, it is useful to take out additional cost insurance. Then you know for sure that you are well insured.

If your belongings are stolen from your car, the damage is also covered by your home contents insurance. You must be able to show clear signs of burglary. However, most insurance companies cover a maximum amount for theft from cars.

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Theft outside the home?

With your household contents insurance you are only insured for your home. Are your belongings stolen outside your home? Then you need an exterior cover to be insured against damage and theft. This coverage is for items that you can actually use outside your home, such as a video camera, a camera and a laptop. With some insurers, outdoor cover is included as standard, so read your policy terms carefully!

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Burglary damage to property

A burglary in your home usually results in damage to your home. A burglar may have broken your door or smashed a window. This damage is not covered by home contents insurance. For this you need another insurance, namely building insurance.

What is covered in case of burglary in a student house?

Do you, or your child, live in a student house? Then you can take out special home contents insurance for students. In case of burglary in a student house, insurers make use of a so-called indoor burglary clause. This means that damage caused by theft is only covered if there are traces of a break-in. You must therefore be able to prove that a lock has been forced or that a window has been smashed.

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