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Is a smartphone insured with contents insurance?

We can no longer do without our smartphones. It is not uncommon for a smartphone to get damaged, even if you often use it at home. By default, the contents insurance does not cover damage to the device, but it is possible to include it.

Generally speaking, laptops are not easily damaged. You walk around with it sporadically in the house. Most of the time, it is stored somewhere in the house. A desktop almost always stays in the same place in the house. With a smartphone, it's different, you often walk around with it. When you go out, you almost always take the smartphone with you. Dropping it once is enough to cause hundreds of euros worth of damage. How can you adapt your home insurance to this?

What cover does the standard home contents insurance offer?

Most home insurance policies are so-called 'extra comprehensive' home insurance policies. The name suggests a broad coverage against different types of damage. In itself that is correct, but often an even broader coverage is desired. For example, a household contents insurance pays out for damage caused by fire, burglary, storm and lightning. Dropping or losing the smartphone is not covered. However, theft of the smartphone from the house is insured. However, usually there is a need for an even broader coverage, and that is possible.

Home contents insurance for smartphones

Home contents insurance with outdoor cover

The regular home contents insurance offers only limited coverage outside the house. Your belongings, including smartphones, can also be properly insured outside your home. For this you can extend the contents insurance with the outdoor coverage. In case of theft outside the home you will receive the damage amount. The insurance does not only cover the smartphone. Also for other items in your household.

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Extra coverage for your smartphone

In addition to the outdoor coverage, you can also take out additional coverage. This additional coverage also compensates for financial loss due to loss or damage of the phone. With the insurance payment you can have the phone repaired in case of damage. In case of loss, the value of the phone is paid out.

Do you still want to choose a guarantee insurance?

When you buy a phone, you can usually get insurance specifically for the phone. That way you can also insure your smartphone, but be careful. The premium is often very high and there are sometimes unreasonable exclusions. It is important that you read the policy terms and conditions carefully before choosing this insurance.

Do you have a household insurance with limited coverage for the telephone? If the contents insurance was taken out at least one year ago, you can cancel the insurance and switch. It is also possible to change your existing insurance.

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