Do I need contents insurance for a rented house?

Do you have a rented house? Then you will have to deal with insurances just like when you buy a house. But which insurances are necessary? When renting a flat, household contents insurance is indispensable. In this article we look at why household contents insurance is so important and how it differs from buying a house.

Do I need contents insurance for my rented house?

With contents insurance you ensure that the belongings in your rented house are properly insured. Although contents insurance is not compulsory, it is highly recommended. Your treasured possessions are then insured in the event of damage due to fire or theft, for example. You may not realise it, but the total value of your possessions is often higher than you think. When you buy a house, you also need home insurance. You do not need this if you rent a house. In that case, these costs are for the landlord.

What about window damage in a rented house?

Oops...ball through the window. It can happen to anyone. But are you insured for glass damage? Glass damage is often covered by the landlord's building insurance. Of course it's always wise to ask the landlord of your rental property about glass damage. Maybe there is something about this in the contract you had to sign. Is there nothing on paper? Then you can take out a separate glass insurance with your home contents insurance.

What is tenant's interest?

Suppose you have made certain improvements to your rental property yourself. For example, you have given the bathroom a facelift. When you move house, the bathroom should not be taken with you. You leave it behind in the rental property. These kinds of improvements are called tenant's interest. You can co-insure the improvements you have made in your rental home with your home contents insurance. In most cases, this is co-insured up to a maximum amount.


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Last updated: 06-04-2022

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