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Is a kitchen covered by the contents insurance?

For many people, the kitchen is an important part of the house. The costs are often high when you have damage to your kitchen. This is, of course, very annoying. Insuring your kitchen is therefore a good choice. Does your kitchen fall under your home contents insurance or does it require a building insurance?

What is the difference between a contents insurance and a building insurance?

If you own a house, it is advisable to take out contents insurance as well as building insurance. What is the difference between them? A home insurance covers things that are not fixed to the ground, such as things that can be moved. A building insurance covers parts that are earth and nail tight. In other words, the building insurance is for the house itself. The contents insurance is for the items in the house.

Home contents insurance

Damage to the kitchen; does this fall under contents?

The kitchen is part of the house. It cannot be moved easily without breaking and demolishing it. However, there may be parts that are not attached to the kitchen, such as a loose freezer. The Dutch Association of Insurers has published an overview with guidelines to clarify what is covered by the contents insurance and what by the building insurance. Please note that these are guidelines and that there may be differences between insurers. To find out exactly which damage is covered by which insurance, please consult your policy.

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Building insurance

  • Countertop
  • Waste disposal unit (part of the kitchen equipment)
  • Waste shredder (part of the kitchen equipment)
  • Exhaust duct/pipe
  • Extractor hood (built-in)
  • Outdoor kitchen (fixed)
  • Electricity line
  • Gas pipe
  • Gas tank
  • Geyser
  • Built-in equipment
  • Kitchen (built-in)
  • Crane
  • Fan (central installation)
  • Wall tiles

Contents insurance

  • Extractor hood (loose)
  • Boiler
  • Outdoor kitchen (loose)
  • Cooker (loose, not built-in)
  • fridge (loose)

Is contents insurance mandatory?

Contents insurance is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended. It is important to know the exact value of your possessions. Often your possessions are worth more than you think. What if you had to buy everything again in case of fire or another unforeseen event? You can probably imagine that this would be a major expense. To help you determine the value of your household contents, you can use the household contents value meter.

Compare contents insurances

Before taking out home contents insurance, it is wise to make a good comparison. Insurers can exclude certain matters from coverage. For example, damage caused intentionally or by gross negligence. Other causes of damage may also be excluded. This can be found in the terms and conditions and any clauses of the insurance policy. Exclusions may affect the amount of the premium offered.

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