How do I make a claim in case of damage or theft?

With contents insurance, you are insured for damage to your household goods. What should you do if you have damage and how do you get it compensated by the insurer?

In order to recover damage to your household contents from the insurer, you take out household contents insurance. In case of damage that falls under the coverage of the insurance, you can submit the bill to the insurer. Please note that there are large differences between home contents insurances. One insurance company has a larger compensation than the other. How can you claim a loss?

What is insured in the contents insurance?

There is sometimes confusion as to what exactly is included under 'contents' and what is included under 'building'. Normally, you insure everything that is attached to the house on the building insurance, also called home insurance. Everything that is not fixed to the house is considered household effects. So a kitchen falls under the building insurance and a loose cupboard falls under the contents insurance. Most home contents insurances offer a so-called "extra comprehensive coverage". Causes of damage that fall under this coverage are:

  • Fire
  • Burglary and theft
  • Storm and hail damage
  • Certain forms of water damage

There are also all-risk household insurances. These insurances offer a broader coverage. They usually include your smartphone.

When will you be paid the claim amount?

After the insurance company has received the claim form from you, they will assess the damage. The settlement of the claim varies from case to case. It may be that you receive the amount of the claim within a few working days. However, it can also take several weeks. If the damage is extensive, an expert will probably be called in. He or she can determine the cause of the damage and the amount of the claim.

Send in the claim form fully completed

When reporting a claim, the claim form is more important than most people think. Make sure the form is filled in as completely as possible. If there are any questions or ambiguities, the form may be returned to you. Do you doubt whether you should fill in certain questions? Contact the insurer or intermediary. Not filling in the form completely can seriously delay the claim settlement.

You can also compare household insurances

Comparing car insurance in order to save money has become quite common for many Dutch people. Comparing home insurance can also be worthwhile. The premium differences between insurers for home contents insurance are considerable.

Calculate the premium of your household insurance directly!

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