Does home contents insurance cover a broken washing machine?

Water damage caused by a broken washing machine is unfortunately a regular occurrence. What about the insurance? Will your home contents insurance pay out for a broken washing machine? We explain it to you.

Is damage caused by a broken washing machine covered by the contents insurance?

A leakage at the washing machine is common. A washing machine has many different places where a leak can occur. The water damage caused by a leakage of your washing machine is often considerable because many people have their washing machine on the top floor. Usually a broken or porous drain (hose) is the cause of water damage. It also happens that the hose of the washing machine vibrates out of the drain pipe during the spinning process. You can try to prevent this by securing the hose in the drainpipe properly and, if necessary, using tape.

What will I be reimbursed for a broken washing machine?

It is important that when you notice water damage, you identify the cause of the water damage and deal with it as soon as possible. Secure your belongings and, if possible, take photos of the water damage. Report the water damage by phone or online to your insurer or agent. They can often tell you immediately whether your damage is covered.

What exactly will be reimbursed by your home contents insurance policy depends on the situation and the coverage of your insurance policy. In most cases, an inspector will visit you to inspect the damage. He will determine the cause of the water damage and whether or not you will be compensated.


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Last updated: 06-04-2022

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