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What about the contents insurance when living together without a cohabitation contract?

Chances are that when you start living together, two household effects will be combined. Because of this, the value of the total belongings may go up. An extra bed for a possible guest can always be handy. Even if you are moving Living together without a cohabitation contract You can also take out household contents insurance. You and your partner only have to be registered at the same address. In that case, you can cancel one home contents insurance. Make sure that the insurance you keep covers your (new) household effects. It is important to always look carefully at the policy conditions.

Home contents insurance - living together

Which contents insurance policy to cancel if you are both insured?

In almost all cases, cancelling a household insurance policy is cheaper than keeping both household insurances. Even if you have to increase the premium of the contents insurance for extra coverage, it is usually cheaper than having two contents insurances.

To determine which contents insurance you cancel, the insurer uses a rule of thumb: the shortest running insurance can be cancelled. Often it is also possible to cancel the longest running insurance. An insurance company does not have to agree to this. When cancelling, always look at the price of the insurance policies and compare them with each other. Do not always choose the cheapest. Always check the policy conditions to make sure you get the coverage you need.

It is also important to check in which cases your insurer pays out. That way, you will know where you stand.

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Taking out contents insurance when living together without a cohabitation contract

You can take out contents insurance quickly and easily online. To make it as easy as possible to take out household contents insurance, we show you what you need to do.

Step 1: Calculate the value of your (combined) household effects

To find out how much you need to insure your household contents, you can use a "household value meter". Here you fill in all the required data. On the basis of these data, the value of your possessions will be calculated.

Step 2: Choose an insurer

Compare the different insurers. Check how high the premium is, what risks they are willing to cover and the policy conditions. Do you both already have home insurance? Then decide which of the two insurances will be cancelled. Of course it is also possible to cancel both insurances and take out a new home insurance policy.

Step 3: Take out your insurance

When you have found the right insurance, it is time to take it out. To do this, enter your details with the insurer concerned. Often this can be done easily online. If you need help with your home contents insurance, you can contact us by telephone. We are happy to help you!

Step 4: Go and enjoy carefree!

Now that you have taken out the right insurance, you can enjoy your new home (including its contents!) together.

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