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How is the premium calculated for contents insurance?

Home contents insurance is very important in order to safeguard your possessions. Think about your furniture, electronics, clothing and home accessories. All your possessions together quickly add up to a high price tag. How valuable your possessions are will influence the premium of your home contents insurance. There are several factors that can influence the amount of the premium. We explain how the premium of your household contents insurance is calculated.

How is the premium of a contents insurance calculated?

Every household has a different premium for its contents insurance. The difference between premiums can vary greatly. This is due to a number of aspects:

  • The price tag of your household contents. Themore valuable your possessions are, the higher your premium will be. Calculate your own contents.
  • Type of cover. The more risks there are to cover, the higher the premium.
  • Material of the dwelling. The material of the house has an influence on the premium. The risk of fire, for example, is much greater with a thatched roof than with a house with tiles.
  • Location of the home. In fact, the risk of burglary in Amsterdam is much higher than in rural Friesland. The higher the risk of a break-in, the higher the premium.
  • Excess amount. You almost always have to pay a deductible when you have damage. The damage is therefore only covered when it exceeds the deductible. The higher the excess, the lower the premium and vice versa.
  • BORG certificate. When you can prove that your home has a BORG certificate or the police force mark 'safe living', you can often get a discount on your premium. This shows that your house is well protected against burglary.

Content value

The value of the contents is the new value of all your possessions in the house. It is important to calculate it correctly. If you specify a lower amount, your risk may not cover all the damage. You will then have to bear part of the costs yourself. To calculate the value of your household contents correctly, you can use the contents value meter. This often gives a guarantee against underinsurance for a certain period (often 5 years). You can thus avoid having to report this to your insurer with every purchase.

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Do I have to pay my home insurance premium every month?

Yes, you pay the premium for your home contents insurance per month by direct debit. If you prefer not to pay monthly, you can also change this. Most insurers also offer quarterly, half-yearly or annual payments.

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Options to compare your home contents insurance premiums

To compare contents insurance premiums yourself is a huge time-consuming task. Every insurer has different terms and conditions. In addition, the policies must also be similar in content and coverage for you to compare them properly. A low premium does not immediately mean poor coverage, and a high premium does not immediately mean the best coverage. To still easily compare premiums, we at inboedelverzekering.nl have a handy calculator tool. This tool gives you a quick overview of the different premiums. So you can easily compare the premiums of household insurance yourself. If you have any questions about this or you do not know what to do, you can always call us.

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