What is a CIS registration?

A CIS registration has to do with your insurance history. Insurers consult the database of Stichting CIS with every insurance application. CIS represents the interests of insurers. When you apply for an insurance policy or when you file a claim, the insurer can consult the database of Stichting CIS in order to obtain, save and exchange information about clients.

Insurers decide for themselves who they do or do not want as a customer. They lay this down in their own acceptance policy. Insurers are not obliged to accept customers. Only health insurers are obliged to always accept someone for the basic insurance.

What does CIS stand for?

CIS is the abbreviation for Central Information System. Insurers can place registrations in this national database. The purpose of this database is to make risks manageable and to prevent fraud as much as possible.

Before an insurer registers you with Stichting CIS, you will be informed of this in writing. Your attention will be drawn to the fact that you must report any details when applying for new insurance. The CIS registration is also known as 'Blacklist'.

Can I take out household insurance if I have a CIS registration?

With a CIS registration it is often difficult to be accepted by a regular insurer. In that case we can request a no-obligation quote for contents insurance (and the other insurances) from De Vereende. This insurer has a broader acceptance policy and in principle accepts everyone. One of the conditions is that you pay the first 3 months in advance.

For a no-obligation quotation, please contact us by telephone. Please note that we will need details of your home and contents for this and that you must have these ready. You can also request a no-obligation quote via our website.

When does a CIS registration expire?

Most CIS registrations remain in place for 5 to 8 years. However, the retention period may differ per registration. You can ask the CIS Foundation about this. In case of driving disqualification, for example, the 5 years only start from the last day of the disqualification.

Deleting a CIS registration before the maximum duration has expired can only be done by the person who has put the registration in the system. If you file an objection against a registration and it turns out to be justified, the insurer can remove the registration itself.

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