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Take out contents insurance

Take out contents insurance

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Whether you buy a house or rent a flat, there will always be personal items in your home. Think of a washing machine, furniture or a television. They are all valuable items. In the event of any damage, you will obviously want to recover the value of these items.

What if, for example, a fire breaks out? How do you then ensure that you are reimbursed for the damage? Fortunately, you can recover this damage with contents insurance. But how do you choose the best home contents insurance for your situation? In this informative blog you can read all about taking out household contents insurance.

What do you need to take out contents insurance?


It may seem obvious, but before you can take out household contents insurance, you must have a household. For example, if someone still lives at home with their parents, then this person does not need to take out contents insurance. After all, the house is insured with the parents and the belongings in it are part of their household contents.


Secondly, you must be living in a home where your household effects are stored. The most important thing here is that you are actually registered at the address of this property. If you are not, your insurer will not be able to insure your household effects. They will need proof that you are registered at a certain location.

When is it best to take out contents insurance?

It is best to take out contents insurance as soon as you start living on your own. Perhaps you are a student and only have a bed, computer and TV in your room. Or you might buy your first house with all the belongings in it. In these cases, it doesn't matter if you have a lot of things or not. A contents insurance is meant to compensate all your belongings in case of damage.

If you have few (but necessary) possessions, then contents insurance is just as important as when you have many things. A new bed, for example, can easily cost 1,000 euros, including the mattress. A television can also easily cost a few hundred euros, not to mention laptops and computers.

Therefore, always insure these items with contents insurance. The annual amount that you spend on home contents insurance will not easily exceed the amount that you have paid for the above-mentioned items.

Step 4. Enter your data:

You can easily enter your data via the Online Tool. Once you have done this, the Online Tool will select the most suitable insurance policies for you. You will immediately see which insurance is best for you. Once this is done, you can immediately take out the insurance.

Step 5. Lean back and relax:

Now you know for sure that you have taken out the best possible home contents insurance. All you have to do now is close your computer and enjoy the peace of mind. If anything should happen to your possessions, you are still protected.

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Taking out contents insurance in special situations

There are a number of special situations that can arise when taking out contents insurance. We explain a few of them for you.

Taking out contents insurance as a defaulter

Have you ever failed to pay your bills? Then you may have been registered as a defaulter. This is, of course, extremely annoying. Insurers may refuse your application for household insurance because of this.

This all depends on a number of factors. How long has it been since you have not paid your bill? Were there large sums involved, or just a few euros? Based on this information, the insurer will decide whether or not to insure you. It may also be that the insurer asks you to tell your story and, based on this, either grants or denies insurance.

Content insurance as student

When you move in as a student and need household contents insurance, there are a few things you need to bear in mind. Is there already household contents insurance for the entire building? Or is it the intention that each occupant takes out his or her own household contents insurance? Will there be joint use of certain items, such as furniture and a television in the living room?

Answer these questions carefully before you take out home contents insurance: they may affect the amount of your premium. Pay attention to whether you are entitled to a discount as a student.

Taking out contents insurance for anti-squatting

When you live anti-squatting, you get the right to live somewhere for an uncertain period of time. The property is then definitely not yours and you do not enjoy the same rights as regular tenants. On the other hand, you will probably pay a much lower rent (or no rent).

It is also important to protect your possessions when living in an anti-squat house. However, insurance companies are rather reluctant to do so. After all, you can be evicted from your anti-squatting house at any time. Because of these uncertainties, insurers are reluctant to take out insurance: the risk may be too great.

Take out business contents insurance

At the office, you probably have a number of valuable items. Like computers, desks and a coffee machine. Combined, these items can easily be worth a few hundred euros.

So be wise and take out business contents insurance for your office contents.

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